Today in ‘Things You Don’t Want to Eat’: Horrific Mummified Vintage Candy Corn

Horrific Mummified Vintage Candy Corn

Originally uploaded by matthewkirscht

From my friend, artist Matthew Kirscht:

I recently received this antique candy container, and since it already had poorly repainted eyes, I decided to make the eyes look a bit more natural to traditional German styling. After I finished it, I noticed the container seemed to feel too heavy, so I started pulling off the Plug on the bottom which I has assumed was glued on.

After deciding to go for it & tear it off completely, I saw what looked like wax inside. This puzzled me as I could see no point in Filling a candy container with wax. A few jabs with an exacto knife and these little mummified Candy corns began dropping out of the hole. In the end The piece now weighs about 1/8th of what it did having spilled its guts on my drawing board.

What I assumed was rubbing damage on the container now appears to have been liquid leaching out of the candy, and this was also the glue which had cemented the bottom plug on.


One Response to “Today in ‘Things You Don’t Want to Eat’: Horrific Mummified Vintage Candy Corn”

  1. passionfruitbutter Says:

    this is hilariously vile.

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