I’ve missed you. I can’t live without you. It’s not you, it’s me. Give me another chance. I promised I’ve changed. We can make it work this time.

So hey! It’s been a while! What’s new with you?

The only bit of info concerning my hiatus that’s pertinent to you, my readers, is the fact that there may not be any good pictures in my posts for a while (anyone wanna buy me a camera?), so you’re gonna have to settle for tasty recipes, a few snapshots, and my scintillating commentary. I’ll do my best to keep your attention!

So. For the three of you that still look at this blog, here are some things I’m hoping to write about in the next couple of posts:

Thanksgiving, natch.

An outstanding trip to Clancy’s.

Frites at the Delachaise.

A recipe for fettuccine carbonara.

An awesome slow-cooked pork shoulder recipe.

Talk to you soon, friends!


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