San Fermin at Surrey’s


Surrey’s has been on my To-Try List for months now, so when several friends and I found ourselves famished after the Running of the Bulls on Saturday morning, I suggested we head up to Magazine Street. Not having even had coffee before heading into the French Quarter brouhaha, we were all ecstatic to sit down to a fantastic breakfast.

Here’s a brief description from their website:

Started in 2001 by owner Greg Surrey, the café started out as a small neighborhood café serving up fresh-squeezed, organic juices, Central American inspired dishes such as Huevos Rancheros and Migas, and with traditional breakfast fare.

With a steady following of local regulars and juice lovers, Surrey’s blossomed over the years. Even after Hurricane Katrina, Surrey’s remained intact and reopened its doors just a short while after everyone was allowed to return to the city.

Our belief in New Orleans and our community guided our decision to stay open and give our customers a familiar place to come to. Now Surrey’s is considered a staple in the New Orleans’ breakfast/brunch/lunch scene and under the guidance of Adrian Schrauwen, the café is able to offer local seafood fresh from Lafitte, Louisiana, fresh boudin and charice sausage from Creole Country Sausage and locally grown organic produce.

Because of our belief in the city and its inhabitants it is a source of great pride for the café that we order fresh Louisiana products as often as we can.

None of us partook in the options from the juice bar this time around, but they sure were tempting. Choices include orange, beet, carrot, grapefruit, celery, and wheatgrass, with the option to add ginger to any of them. Mmmm! However, we needed our coffee, which, although unremarkable, was perfectly tasty.

As far as breakfast goes, Brother O’Mara and I couldn’t be more different. I need something hearty, savory, and protein-packed to get me through until lunch, while he almost always opts for the sweet breakfast. (This is evidenced by the boxes of Wheaties and Count Chocula next to each other on the shelf at home.) Surrey’s definitely catered well to both tastes, in fact, I was almost overwhelmed by the size of the menu! So many choices for so early in the day!

I went for the migas, a delightful plate of eggs scrambled with chorizo, onion, bell peppers, tomato, cheese, and tortilla chips and served with a fluffy biscuit. It certainly satisfied the needs of my empty tummy. Brother O’Mara had the French toast special, which was stuffed with blueberry cream cheese and served with strawberry sauce on top. The presentation was beautiful, and it may well be the best French toast I’ve ever had. Our friend Kathy judges a breakfast place on their Huevos Rancheros, and was happy to report that the ones she had at Surrey’s did the trick. I’ll admit I’ve never been attracted by Huevos Rancheros, but Kathy’s were beautiful and I had to snag a bite. There’s also the option to make the dish “delux” with the addition of smoked salmon, goat cheese, and capers. DANG.

I think that no matter your dietary restrictions, Surrey’s probably has something tasty for you. That giant menu offers sweet and savory, meaty and vegan, low-fat or covered in cheese.

Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar

1418 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70130

(504) 524-3828

Open 8am-3pm, seven days a week.


One Response to “San Fermin at Surrey’s”

  1. Oh my, there’s good migas lurking in the Quarter? I shall have to make a special trip. And that “delux” option with the smoked salmon gets my motor running as well. Have to put this place on the list.

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