‘Tis the Season(al): Abita Satsuma Wit

june09-04(photo by lafille)

Another summer, another refreshing witbier hits the market.

I’ll admit, I’m pretty picky when it comes to this style. Belgian wittes are some of my favorite beers, especially when the thermometer starts creeping upwards of 90 degrees. Wittekerke in a can is my favorite summer beer, but I haven’t found it in NOLA yet, so I’ve been drinking Hoegaarden. Last week, Brother O’Mara brought me a bottle of Abita’s new Satsuma Wit, and of course I had to give it a try.

Color: hazy gold

Nose: creamy, malty, and citrusy–the satsuma really comes out in the aroma

Taste: very light (natch); not very well-balanced with a slightly metallic aftertaste; the satsuma is strong in the nose, but not so much on the tongue

It’s definitely passable, but needs work to be able to compete with Blue Moon or something of that ilk. I’d really like to taste it on tap, though. It may be totally different.


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