Delightful Dishes at Cure

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Another post about my favorite bar in town, but this time, let’s focus on the food, shall we?

Chef Jason McCullar has created some fantastic small plates to go with the high-quality cocktails, and every dish I’ve tried has failed to disappoint.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Cure wanted Brother O’Mara to come take some photographs for them, thus giving us the chance to taste a lot of things in one visit. I feel extremely lucky to have had a had such an opportunity, as my finances would not have allowed me such a feast otherwise. Brother O’Mara does not make his living taking pictures and only took the job because of his love for Cure. We will continue to support them in the future, even when the goodies are not on the house, so I feel this article is by no means a conflict of interests.

IMG_3383 copy

Orange Salad

A delightfully fresh combo of Bibb lettuce, fresh orange, sweet pickled red onion, herbs, and olives in a sherry vinaigrette.

IMG_3394 copy

Chopped Duck Liver Crostini

Sherry marinated duck liver, served on toasted bread with a bit of lava salt. We shared this with Ricky and Rhiannon, our bartenders, and it quickly disappeared.

Chilled Watercress Soup

Vegetable stock, watercress, and avocado, topped with a dollop of mango tartare. The sweet/tart combo of the mango tartare really added a sparkle to this refreshing summertime soup.

East Coast Crab Roll

Lump crabmeat tossed in citrus aioli, served with Bibb lettuce on a toasted bun. I lucked out and got to eat this delight all by myself since SOMEONE I know doesn’t eat seafood. The crab was so tasty, and Chef Jason’s homemade butter made the toasty bun incredibly rich and mouthwatering.

Cheese and Meat

These are rotated pretty regularly, I believe, but last night we enjoyed chorizo, Serrano ham, Saint Andre triple crème, and Valdeon blue, in addition to crusty bread, dates, spiced almonds, cornichons, and marinated olives.

IMG_3346 copy

In case you’re concerned, this is not a full order.

Pincho Ribs

We even got a bite of Chef Jason’s rib special, which he spices with Spanish-style seasoning salt, angostura bitters, and a sherry gastrique. They were fall-off-the bone tender, and the dry rub added great savory flavors to a piece of meat I usually associate with sweet barbecue.

A thousand thanks to Jason McCullar and Neal Bodenheimer for their hospitality. It was a night I will remember for a long time to come.

(all photos by Brother O’Mara for promotional use by Cure)


4 Responses to “Delightful Dishes at Cure”

  1. Beautiful photos

  2. Brother O’Mara ought to do more of this kind of freelancing, those are fantastic photographs.

  3. Oh Brother, why dost thou not eat seafood?

  4. Rad snaps. Looking forward to visiting once I move back home.

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