Gluttony Saturday: Dan Stein’s Deli

Stein’s Deli is one of my favorite places in New Orleans, for many reasons.

First and foremost, the food. They make the best Reuben I have ever stuck in my mouth, and everything else I’ve had there is mouthwateringly delicious. Case in point, this past Saturday when we went with Cap’n Will. Here’s what we ordered:

lafille: The Robért — Imported Prosciutto, House-Made Fresh Mozzarella, Aged Balsamic Vinegar on Ciabatta

— This was the first time I’d had the Ro-Berrrrre, and it turned out to be filling but not too heavy. The homemade Mozzarella was awesome, as were all of the other ingredients.

Cap’n Will: The Fernando — Imported Prosciutto, House-Made Fresh Mozzarella, Pesto on Ciabatta

— Great combination of flavors!

Brother O’Mara: The Kelly — Imported Prosciutto, Triple Creme Cheese, and Apple on Ciabatta

— One of Brother O’Mara’s favorites. The apple and triple creme go so well together!

Another great thing about Stein’s is the beverage selection, both alcoholic and non. Any time I’m craving an interesting or hard-to-find soda I head over there. Since Brother O’Mara and I have been enjoying drinking Dark and Stormies lately, we each drank ginger beer–Barritt’s for him and Boylan’s for moi. The Boylan’s is technically ginger ale, I think, and it was definitely not as spicy as Barritt’s or our current fave, Regatta. More in the Canada Dry style, know what I’m sayin’?


Barritt’s Ginger Beer and the Fernando

(photo by Brother O’Mara)

Stein’s also has –hands down– the best retail beer selection in the city. They don’t have an on-premise permit, so you can’t drink it there, but damned if Mr. Stein isn’t responsible for my current home collection of good beer. The man knows his brews. Whether you’re looking for a Belgian or an American microbrew, this is the first place you should look. They have beer classes on a pretty regular basis as well, which I highly recommend. I went a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed myself.


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  1. Plexix Says:

    Love your blog! It would be most helpful if you listed the addresses for the establishments you frequent.

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