Gluttony Saturday: Breakfast of Champions

Saturday morning, Cap’n Will and I went for coffee at Fair Grinds while Brother O’Mara slept in. We split a French press of Oromia, a blend by Dean’s Beans (out of Orange, MA) containing three types of Ethiopian beans. Oddly, it’s a dark roast, which I’ve never seen with Ethiopians. The beans have such a distinct and unique flavor that they’re usually roasted extra-light so you can taste it. The blend was tasty enough for me to buy some beans to take home, though, and we enjoyed sitting on the patio at the coffeeshop catching up.

Brother O’Mara roused himself a short while later to make waffles which, in the Brother O’Mara family, are a big deal. His father is the Waffle King of his hometown, making Brother O’Mara the Waffle Crown Prince, and they both definitely deserve the title. I can say they’re the best waffles I’ve ever eaten, and Cap’n Will enjoyed them as well. I can tell you that the base is Bisquick, but I believe there are some special tweaks to the recipe that give those suckers the most delightful taste and aroma. He also serves them with an array of accoutrements–butter and maple syrup of course, but also honey and Roddenbery’s Cane Patch Syrup, a Brother O’Mara family tradition.220152378_f7542227e7

(photo by Brother O’Mara)

The waffles gave us just enough energy to make it to Martin Wine Cellar, where Cap’n Will (longtime restaurateur and wine aficionado) spent a good while perusing the shelves and tasting things he can’t readily procure in his neck of the woods. Said waffles did not, however, fill us up too much to ruin our wonderfully-crafted sandwiches at Dan Stein’s Deli…


One Response to “Gluttony Saturday: Breakfast of Champions”

  1. Thanks for coming by the coffeehouse. I have always loved the Oromia and never considered a lighter roast. I’ll ask Dean if he’ll make us some! The coffee is featured in a show about Fair Trade called “Black Gold” and is an important coffee for consumers to buy as far as helping Nigerian farmers survive. Also applaud your choice of French Press…you really know how to enjoy coffee.

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