Friday Night Food- Hitting the Ground Running

I picked up mon pere (henceforth to be known as Cap’n Will, as per his request) from the airport early Friday evening and met Brother O’Mara back home for a cocktail before dinner. The Cap’n put down his bags while we opened a bottle of Spanish white wine and chilled out for a few minutes. Soon enough though, the call of the city became too much for our bellies to ignore and we headed over to the first place on Papa’s food to-do list, the Parkway Tavern.

I’ve extolled upon Parkway’s virtues before, so I’ll cut right to the chase. As always, the po’boys were terrific. Cap’n Will had the Surf’n’Turf–roast beef and fried shrimp on the same sandwich— Brother O’Mara had hot ham and cheese, and I had the barbecued beef, all dressed. Papa was super-pleased, and Yours Truly may have found her new favorite sandwich. Their barbecue sauce is fantastic: thick and sweet and a little spicy and oh-so-messy–just the way it should be.

In a modern day Good Friday miracle, my clothing managed to remain unsoiled by barbecue and we headed over to visit our friends at the New Orleans Creative Glass Institute to watch some rock and roll glassblowing for a few minutes. They have free demos semi-regularly, and I strongly urge y’all to drop by some Friday night and take a look. They are doing some truly beautiful work over there.

After digesting our sammiches a little bit, we walked over to Angelo Brocato, the Italian pastry and gelato shop on North Carrollton.


This is a perennial favorite for Brother O’Mara and I, and all visitors are required to partake in its confectionary joys. Usually Brother O’Mara gets a pastry while I go for gelato, but we were all three feeling the ice cream that evening: Stracciatella (Italian chocolate chip), mint chocolate chip, and Sicilian pistachio, to be precise. All three were terrific, but I specifically loved the pistachio–it was much less sweet than any other pistachio ice cream or gelato I’ve had, even the pistachio-almond they serve alongside it at Brocato. Sometimes sweet things can be too much for me, so it’s always exciting to find a dessert that combines sweet with savory, salty, spicy, or sour. Sicilian pistachio definitely brings a little salty to the table.

Feeling not-quite-uncomfortably stuffed, we headed home for a nightcap. The menfolk had fun comparing Herbsaint with Ojen and making cocktails thereof, whilst I enjoyed a Dark and Stormy with Regatta Ginger Beer and Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.

Cap’n Will was immensely pleased with the gastronomic delights of the evening, and we made it an early night in order to prepare both mentally and physically for the epicurean olympics in store for us on Saturday.



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