Best. Dessert. Ever.


For years I thought I disliked blue cheese. Turns out I’d never had Stilton drizzled with honey.

(photo by lafille)


5 Responses to “Best. Dessert. Ever.”

  1. Captn Will Says:

    How funny! I too thought the same until I had Stilton with honey. You know I’m also not a walnut lover, however, add them to the fromage and bee juice and it quite delightful.

  2. That is such a fantastic combination!

  3. Sometimes there just ain’t nothing better then a good cheese course! Do you frequent St. James Cheese Company? They do a fine esoteric cheese…

  4. St. James also has an unpasteurized version of stilton called Stitchelton. It’s delicious.

    Add a good port to your blue cheese and honey and you’d have a trifecta of deliciousness.

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