Restaurant: Martinique Bistro

Brother O’Mara sold his old bike the other day, and we both got new ones in the last week, so we decided to go have a nice dinner last night in celebration of two-wheeliness. Choosing rather randomly from our list of to-eat places, we ended up at Martinique Bistro on Magazine street. An associate of Brother O’Mara’s has said that this is the closest thing to an authentic French bistro New Orleans has to offer, and after enjoying a relaxed, slow-paced weeknight dinner there, I’m tempted to agree.

We sat outside, despite the threat of rain, on a patio surrounded with plants, tiny sparkling lights, and flowing water. The service was just the way I like it–attentive and knowledgeable, but not pandering and hover-y. The menu was gorgeous, and the wine list had a tremendous selection of stuff by the glass, by the bottle, and by the half-bottle (much of it imported by Brother O’Mara’s company, holla).

Here’s a rundown of what we enjoyed (forgive the incomplete descriptions of what we ate–I didn’t make a point of remembering verbatim because I knew the menu was online. Turns out it was last autumn’s menu and was not quite the same):

Brother O’Mara

Wine: 1/2 bottle 2002 Muga Rioja Reserva

Appetizer: Handmade gnocchi with shallots, mushrooms, cured ham, and cream sauce

Entree: Pork loin with Steen’s cane syrup/apricot sauce, chive mashed potatoes, and haricots verts

Dessert: Profiteroles filled with Guinness ice cream, topped with Bailey’s and Jameson sauces

la fille

Wine: Glass of Sancerre

Appetizer: Pecan-crusted goat cheese served over field greens with raspberry dressing

Entree: Seared scallops served over spinach, goat cheese grits, and creamy corn

Dessert: Black forest cookie sandwiches filled with black pepper-cherry ice cream

Everything was supremely delicious, and since our server didn’t hurry us at all, we were able to enjoy each course with a little break in between. The highlight for me was the black pepper-cherry ice cream. The pepper really stood out, but blended so well with the creamy cherry flavor. Brother O’Mara says he enjoyed his entree best of all.

This is definitely on the list of places to go whenever we have guests. I’d be perfectly happy going simply for wine, appetizers, and dessert. Anytime.


One Response to “Restaurant: Martinique Bistro”

  1. Mary O. Fox Says:

    Looks like somebody discovered a little bit of heaven…Martinique sounds like places your Dad and I enjoyed when we first met…I was living in Paris at the time studying art and he was backpacking through Europe long hair, long beard, backpack and all.. Needless to say we were from different worlds but we did have mutual aquaintances with whom we shared many evenings of food and spirits at the smokey cafes and bistros frequented by young would-be boheims of the time.

    The atmosphere combined with the exotic flavors and glass after glass of old bordeauxs made this scruffy hippie seem very interesting…I’m getting carried away here….Loved the Martinique and would love to take your Dad there and perhaps revisit old times…Thanks…

    ng hair, beard and all…Needless to say we were from different worlds..

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