Restaurant: Chill Out Cafe

The quest for good Thai food in NOLA continue, and may not be futile after all.

Chill Out Cafe, which apparently just opened, is Uptown at 729 Burdette St, between Hampson and Maple. They bill themselves as “Breakfast and Asian Fusion” but it’s really just a mom-and-pop Thai joint that serves American style breakfast all day. It reminds me a lot of the Thai place I worked at in undergrad– definitely a family operation. I ordered Pad Thai, which is what I always do on my first visit to a new Thai joint, and it was some of the better I’ve had in this city so far. Still on the orangey side (you can read about my issues with orange vs. brown Pad Thai here), but all around tasty. Our spring rolls were different from most I’ve had–egg roll sized and more pork than veggies, but, once again, quite delish.

Here’s the best part:

The owner (hugely pregnant) was incredibly nice and we had a brief conversation in which I mentioned that I used to work at a Thai restaurant. She admitted that their menu was pretty standard and Americanized but if I ever wanted more traditional Thai fare, they’d be glad to whip up whatever.



2 Responses to “Restaurant: Chill Out Cafe”

  1. I have to say as a downside that my pad see ew (spell it however you like) was underflavorful. However, I will agree that the rolls were tasty and your food was tasty, and there’s an agreement to make custom food, so overall it’s a winner!

  2. […] food. I’m on a quest to find good Thai food here in New Orleans (episodes recounted here and here), and have yet to find a place that satisfies, so I’ve taken to cooking a lot more of it than […]

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