Beer Review: Indian Wells’ Lobotomy Bock

Lobotomy Bock12 oz. bottle purchased at Stein’s Deli, $1.49

Style: doppelbock

ABV: 10.8%

Official brewery description:

This smooth rich dark southern German dobblebock is an Indian Wells Brewing Co. favorite. This 10.8% beer is powerful, but VERY easy to drink! This beer is not for the timid. A few of them and you’ll feel like you’ve had a frontal lobotomy the next day. Consume with caution!

Why I bought this beer:

Of course the name and label are attention-grabbing, and I was intrigued by such a low-priced high-gravity beer. Of course, alarms went off when, at the cash register, Dan Stein was like, “This isn’t worth the glass it’s bottled in.” Oh well, best to give it a shot anyways, eh?

Actual drinking experience:

Color: dark brown with a quickly-dissipating white head

Nose: Smells metallic, like bottle, with a hint of the sweetness that belies a high-gravity beer

Taste: Bitter bitter bitter, with hardly any finish.

I gave it every opportunity to get better. I poured it into a glass. I let it warm up. I made sure my palate was clear.

Dan Stein: 1, lafille: 0


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